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I’m a few days late, but happy baseball, everyone!

Those who know me best know that I’m a huge baseball fan. Those who merely google me know that I once did a radio documentary about baseball that played in a couple VERY small public radio markets. (You can find it on PRX, if you’re really curious…which, I’m sure, you’re not.)

I’m a big Red Sox fan. And I must say, I’m kind of looking forward to a year with no expectations. It’s incredibly freeing to not be so emotionally invested and just watch for the game. Mostly because I’m a bigger baseball fan than I am fan of any one team. I love the fact that baseball is universal. (Okay, not universal, just universal within the bounds of the US, and ESPECIALLY in the Northeast.) I can talk in any elevator, subway car, bar, or street corner about baseball. Even the non-baseball fans know what’s going on.

I’d continue to rant, but instead, I will make a few ridiculous predictions for the season:

*The Red Sox will not finish in last place. Neither will the Yankees. Sorry to all fans who are not Bostonians or New Yorkers.
*The Red Sox will look like they may be the surprise of the season — only to finish just above .500 and miss the playoffs.
*The Washington Nationals won’t be as good as everyone says. But they’ll still win the NL East, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion to…
*The St. Louis Cardinals. Who will win one of the Wild Cards and win the play-in game.
*Houston will be just as bad in the AL as the NL
*Houston will be No-Hit no fewer than twice.
*The Tampa Bay Rays will be no-hit at least once…and still make the playoffs.
*The Cubs won’t win the world series.
*The Cubs won’t make the playoffs.
*The Cubs won’t be worth watching.
*The Marlins will have a shot at the 2nd Wildcard, and it will come down to the last 2 weeks of the season.
*The Pirates, however, won’t.
*The World Series winner will come out of the NL
*Cardinals over Rays.

And the most important prediction of all:
*I will listen to more baseball than ever before, but fewer Red Sox games than usual. Because they won’t be worth it. And I love my SiriusXM radio. Okay — the radio itself isn’t holding up on its 3rd year of life as well as I’d hope, but I love the service.

Now back to watching the Yanks and Sox. Go Sox!