I’m on an Amtrak train right now, and as the northeast corridor flies by at…uh…how fast does this train go? Probably not as fast as it could…or would in Europe. But it gave me time to watch For the Love of the Game. I refuse to admit whether or not I shed a tear or two, but it got me thinking admit another Kevin Costner baseball movie: Field of Dreams.

The fun of Field of Dreams is that every man I’ve ever spoken with candidly admits to crying. It is the only movie I know that all men are okay with admitting to crying while watching. (In fact, How I Met Your Mother included the following as their excerpt from “The bro code”during the credits.)


Years ago, I shared with my roommate (and essentially my second brother), Nick, my copy of Field of Dreams. It took him months to watch it, but once he did, he sent me this email.


I thought the first 98% of Field of Dreams was utterly asinine.
I was perplexed as to why it was nominated for Best Picture and, more importantly, why you told me to watch it.
I have never cried during a movie.

I cried at the end of Field of Dreams.


The best explanation I could give was that every son always wants time for “one more catch with dad,” either literal or metaphorical, and even if dad is still with us. We all want to be a kid again and just…play catch.

Plus, that James Earl Jones speech is awesome. So is the Burt Lancaster speech.

Man I gotta watch that movie this week…

It’s been well over 2 years since the last time I wrote anything in my old blog. As a result, I’ve decided it’s time to shut that blog down and make a new start.

Since that time, I’ve graduated law school, taken the bar exam (for two states), and generally grown a lot as a human and a professional. As such, this is now replacing that blog on my website (though the old is still accessible through its blogger URL) and will cover a variety of random topics. Unlike my long musings of before, this will likely be much shorter form writings about sports, law, life, etc. (I still refuse to get twitter, but that may change one of these days.)

Welcome to the new blog. It’s good to close the previous chapter of life and start this one.